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TER Review October 2016

“I found Savannah while searching TER for a specific look, to role play a particular fantasy of mine. It was clear from her website that she prided herself on meeting clients’ needs, and when I explained my fantasy in my initial email, she responded promptly and with enthusiasm to meet me when I got to Australia the following month. We did require some back and forth about the timing of a meeting, as she was about to leave town for an extended trip on the night I first suggested, but eventually we decided on an overnight the previous evening. A couple of messages back and forth after I’d arrived in country helped to whet our appetites.

We met at a swank hotel in the city on a busy holiday weekend: there was barely room at the bar to meet for a drink, but we found a corner and flirted while the bartender kept screwing up her order. We ordered dessert to go, but when it came out early, right alongside our second try at her cocktail, we took it as a cue to head up to the suite I’d booked — a lovely big bachelor pad. Savannah was impressed, and fell into her role play character quite quickly. She’s a natural flirt and backs it up in bed. I can’t imagine there are men who would visit her and ever be disappointed … she just wouldn’t let it happen.”

TER Review March 2016

“Savannah originally hails from the USA, but has called Australia home for some years now. Savannah is petite, beautiful, very fit girl and has a fun and cheeky personality. That sexy librarian look when she is wearing her glasses, yet underneath that twinkle in her eyes denotes she is full of mischief fun. We organised a long dinner date so as to unwind and enjoy each other’s company before finding more intimate time together.

Savannah dresses very well for the occasion, wearing a tight fitting but elegant dress for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Conversation flowed effortlessly, like two people that have known each other for a long time. Hints of mischief in her eyes all through dinner, I couldn’t wait for dinner to finish before returning to our hotel for desert.

Savannah is a generous and fun lover to enjoy time with, great kisser and pleaser that will leave you wanting for more of her.

Will certainly be seeing her again and soon.”

Punter Planet Review of a Foursome by Dipper350 May 2015

“Anyway it wasn’t too hard to spot The Three very lovely ladies in the Distance… They were all gorgeously dressed in a very tight dress’s.. They Looked so Hot and Gorgeous..

They were all in their lingerie and Heals… Oh Dear… That’s one view i will not forget for a long time… then the kisses and cuddles started… One question will i survive the next 3 hours…

Every square millimetre of my body was tingling.. Then Savannah blindfolds me.. Oh Dear.. For the next half an hour or so… i had no control over my body parts…

Then next at my request… All attention is turned to Savannah.. she is flat on her back… And all three of us are giving her the same sort of treatment that the ladies gave me… This is done to all Three ladies one after the other… I will not go into blow for blow… but it was quiet a turn on watching each of them having three to focus on the one… Listening to the sounds the shacking of their bodies as they climax.. And watching one of the ladies in particular and the way her whole body shudders after Climax…. And i have no idea how many times each of these ladies climaxed… But going from their comments straight after, then a few days after… they did enjoy this Awesome Foursome very much… But i will add a little morsel to the event… Between Honey and Eden working on Savannah Yes they got savannah to squirt..

For me this experience was “Out of the World”… This is something i will never ever ever ever forget”

Punter Planet Review by Wanderingscribe December 2014

This was one of many times a wheelchair came in very handy. It can’t be easy for the ladies to teeter around on those heels and, if I can offer them a comfortable place to sit down, so much the better 

Well travelled and well educated, Savannah is a fascinating person to talk with. Getting to know each other as we shared dinner at her hotel would make our subsequent adventures all the more enjoyable. More than once she looked at me over the top of her glasses with a mischievous gleam in her eye, which banished all thoughts of the dessert tray and made me want to settle the bill with positively indecent haste.

Whether she’s sinful or sweet, Savannah will give you ample reason to drop to your knees and give thanks for the gift of life and the pleasures of the flesh. Book early, book often and thank me later.”

Personal Email August 2014

“Was reflecting on such things and I wanted to say thank you for having a date with me a cpl of weeks ago – so nice of you.  It was awesome and I’m so glad we found the time to catch up.

From the start I felt comfortable and from the very start I thought you were damn gorgeous and I enjoyed chatting with you as well.

I don’t want to write one of those long and exhaustive reviews extolling the virtues of your beautiful body/bum and the sex we did/didn’t have etc but I would just like to say thankyou for sharing an important milestone. I’m glad I did and I’m even more happier I chose you to share it with it and even more grateful you said yes.

Secondly if anyone ever asks about first time meets with Savannah can you recommend they don’t masturbate the morning before they see you! Even despite how aroused they maybe…a cold shower will surely suffice!!

You are great at what you do and gorgeous as well! I appreciate it so thanks again”

Private Girls July 2014 Review

“I had the great privilege to spend some time with Savannah in her home town of Melbourne recently.

All I can really say is that from the first communication, Savannah is able to set you at ease, and you realise that she is a very authentic, genuine person. This continued during our time together, and I was just blown away by her natural beauty both inside and out – she is absolutely stunning, smart and savvy. The GFE experience was exactly that, and it seemed that we had known each other for a long time. It was all very easy and natural.

Thank you Savannah for an experience that lingers. As per her website, I can attest that she is very addictive.

Already looking forward to our next encounter.”

Punter Planet Review by W Blackstone March 2014

“Savannah is an amazing woman. Diminutive though she may be, she is very attractive, has boundless energy, a wonderful laugh and a really kind and fun personality.”

“Our time together from start to finish felt so natural, like old (and very naughty) friends meeting again after too long apart.”

“A wise man once said less is more, and with this gorgeous pocket rocket, it’s true.”

Punter Planet Review by babyface December 2013

“I had been looking forward to this for months and felt like a kid counting down the days.”

“Lots of DFK while our hands ran over each other bodies. The next couple of hours was a fun packed blissful blur of BBBJ, DATY, DFK, lots of giggling, and round after round of sex. What a ride! I had a great time and i am sure Savannah enjoyed herself too.”

Punter Planet Review by FrodoBaggins December 2013

“What a lovely girl is our Savvy, compact, well read, great muscle tone and a ready smile.”

“The QT Hotel is so incredibly stylish, (much like Savvy herself). Last thought.  You gotta love a girl who can lick the base of your cock whilst deepthroating you.”

Punter Planet Review by blueyufg October 2013

“Savannah is really easy to talk to and at no point were there any awkward silences.  Whilst we were chatting she slowly started to tease me by stroking my legs and within seconds we were embracing in some more passionate kissing and cuddling.”

“Savvy was itching to go for another round (I was certainly not going to say no to this) however this time she had a little surprise for me.  She had some hand restraints which I was quite happy to experiment with so within minutes my hands were tied above my head, a blindfold applied and I let her be in complete control.  Lots more teasing, kisses and sex took place and it felt so relaxing having her tease and pleasure me.”

“So I guess as the saying goes “good things do come in small packages” and Savvy is definitely a good thing”

Punter Planet September 2013 Review by jg1377

“Savannah’s own pics give a terrific impression of the beauty that is to behold in this gorgeous girl but they simply cannot describe the vision that stood before me on that evening. Quite simply, Savannah in the flesh is just breathtaking! ”

“Now I’m not really the sort of guy who would divulge a blow by blow description about such a meeting but for those of you who are still unsure at this point: DFK, mutual oral (BBBJ), a variety of positions that were all especially enjoyable and so on (Savannah also keeps herself very fit and the only way to explain how fit is to tell you that personal experience will reveal all!!!!) The end result was that after a couple of hours of this I was exhausted and satisfied in equal measures, and Savannah had a delicious grin on her face which revealed that she had also had a terrific time. We both ended up in a heap on the bed in each others arms cuddling, kissing and touching for quite a while afterwards. My point here is that this part of the experience was simply beyond measure, I have not come across a SW before who puts in as much effort to satisfy her client.”

“The most important aspect of my time with Savannah was that the whole time she made me feel at ease. We talked, laughed and generally had a great time together, hers is really the ultimate GFE.”

“..enjoying the company of a beautiful, intelligent, well-spoken and demure woman actually adds something to the experience that simply cannot be described beyond saying that it is worth literally every moment.”

“Savannah provides the best GFE I’ve ever come across and I can only say that if you’re thinking about booking this lovely lady but are hesitating, DO IT! “

Punter Planet June 2013 Review by Drewboy

“For those that have never had the pleasure of meeting Savannah, Savannah is a very attractive, petite and energetic young lady, with long dark hair, and an extremely trim and tight body.  A slight twinkle of mischief in her eyes and an amazing smile, Savannah is wearing a smart business type dress that fits her body like a glove.”

“Savannah then works her way down my body, and I must say this girl has some very nice oral skills, whilst maintaining eye contact throughout. ”

“Time for the main course, I am now lying on my back as Savannah applies the condom and now demonstrates why she is a pocket rocket.  In cowgirl, Savannah has an abundance of energy and strength, both from the intensity of her rising and lowering herself onto me, as well her leg work when she’s crouching on me. ”

“All good things come to an end though, and as we clean up and say our good byes, we re-enter the outside world, me certainly with a smile still planted on my face.”

Punter Planet June 2013 Review by Simondenimes

“Personality wise she’s easy to talk with & finds common ground quickly to put you at ease. What further puts you at ease is her casual arm stroking & leg stroking for some early, confident physical contact.”

“She decided to go for reverse cowgirl after that, which I want sure about as I’d never had it before & I was worried as sometimes I’m a hard nut to crack (so to speak). Bonus is you get a great look at her magnificent ass. Really firm & rounded. Love that bum.”

Punter Planet June 2013 Review by Perchance2dreams (female client)

“Always with a wickedness that would put Jack Nicholson to shame Savannah takes me on a journey of pure pleasure, lips, tongues, fingers, toys all come into play, three hours of  absolute indulgence becomes a blur of kissing, touching and tasting each other, limbs wrapped together in positions that were new to me last night, unforgettable to me this morning. Savannah’s been refered to as a pocket rocket, i thought more the Energizer Bunny because this lady’s energy, her playfull passionate nature just never seem to run out & Oh my i was very pleased about that.”

“Would I see her again? In a heartbeat. Would I recommend her to you fine readers? Without hesitation”

Punter Planet Review March 2013 by Rebetis

“It had been way too long since I had seen Savannah so it was time to re-aquant myself with this rare Gem.  I was also curious to see what all the talk was about (the new additions).”

“For those that have seen Savannah before will know time spent with her is just what the Dr ordered after a hard days work!”

“That initial embrace and DFK hello was amazing and better than I remembered.  Looking into those beautiful eyes as she giggles with her entire face lit up & glowing has made me weak at the knees, and I can honestly say the last thing on my mind at this point in time was to look or feel the pair of new additions.”

Punter Planet Review March 2013 by Hornygeek

“I feel really comfortable with this lady she is easy to get along with, has a great sense of humor and is great to talk to, don’t get me wrong she is spectacular at the other stuff too, but this makes the whole booking all that much better.”

“The first item she models is the swim suit, and all I’m going to say is DAMN, she looks drop dead gorgeous, she is rubbing against me in when she suggests that we see what it looks like wet, honestly what guy is going to refuse a suggestion like that for a women in a sexy swimsuit??”

” Sav modelled the second item that we’d bought, again stunning I’m pretty sure this girl could wear rags and still look gorgeous. The modelling didn’t last long and quickly descended into round two.”

Punter Planet Review February 2013 by CM Punt

“My first booking with the hot dynamo was back in June last year. While I knew at the time that she was solid at what she did, she exceeded my expectations.”

“America has blessed us with lots of things, but “Savvy” would easily be its greatest export. I can promise you that Neil Armstrong never rode a rocket this powerful, and so small no less.”

“Despite this, the fact that she’s an ass kicking escort in her free time, who I might add has a fine ass of her own, is quite a turn on for me. She’s smart, sexy and powerful – what else can you ask for in a woman?”

” When I first saw Savvy, we fucked on a fancy lounge. This time, we fucked on a rectangular ottoman. We continued where we briefly left off with the cowgirl. The ottoman wasn’t long enough to fit me on it, so my legs dangled over the side while blood rushed to my head. I’m amazed that blood could go to both heads, but hey, I was with the Pocket Rocket.”

“Savannah lives up to her nickname of “Pocket Rocket”. For someone so small, she can give as well as she can receive, and that’s quite a considerable amount.”

” it’s a pleasure to spend time with Savannah. She has been described on here as cheeky, fun and lovely, and I wholeheartedly agree. I’d say she’s all three. She also looks good without it being obvious that you’re with an escort; a quality that doesn’t matter to me (since we’re both in our 20’s), but would be valued by many others. Her photos are nice, but I would have to say that she looks better in person.”

” I can’t recommend Savannah enough. She may be small in stature, but large in value.”

Punter Planet Review February 2013 by Dipper

“It was so lovely to once again gaze into those eyes.
And her lovely infectious smile that makes you go weak in the knees.
Then our bodies meet again… And some very deep passionate kissing”

“With a whole heap of playing with the new puppies.. Oh yes..
But Yes the Sex was fantastic and becomes a blur…”

Punter Planet Review December 2012 by Maul

“From the first meeting where I gazed into those “eyes NOT blue” the sparkle and twinkle was intriguing and in their depth lurked a power that needed to be challenged.”

“using lips tongue and mouth to blunt my thrusts and suck away my strength.”

“penetrative thrusts and was met with thighs of steel and a new technique of “Accept, Envelope and Squeeze” using those well-developed thigh and hip muscles.”

Punter Planet Review December 2012 by Mike

“She arrived wearing casual clothes like I requested with minimal makeup.”

“She put on the condom and gave me some deep throat oral which was very sensual, and then gave me more tickling, including the balls. Her ball tickling technique was very sensual. I”m not sure what she did, but I loved it.”

” Savvy is one of the most friendliness WL’s I have met, she looks after her clients!”

Punter Planet Review October 2012 by Wiseman

“Savannah was waiting for me on the bed wearing only that smile she greeted me with a few minutes ago’.”

” I lifted my head to watch her move up and down my cock and for a petite lady, she can swallow a long cock”

“Again she pushed me down so I was on my back close to the window and climbed on again, her feet barely touching the floor, she placed them over my legs behind her and started pouncing up and down”

“Thank you Savannah, you were everything I was hoping in a meeting.”

Punter Planet Review October 2012

“When Savvy arrived at the hotel she was dressed casually, yet, even in casual clothes, she is stunningly beautiful.”

“We awoke in the morning and it was clear this was going to be a fairly lazy day. We touched and fondled and kissed under the covers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, waking up to her smile… right here and now I deem it to be the 8th great wonder of the world. It melts your heart and your body, and her eyes seem to bore right into you, creating such a warm sense of comfort and caring and relaxation.”

“What proceeded was certainly a unique experience. The best part was definitely being on my front and the feeling as she slid herself over my back, and how incredibly horny it was to feel her as she began rubbing herself on a part of my back, I could feel her getting off, it was seriously hot.”

“What proceeded was certainly a unique experience. The best part was definitely being on my front and the feeling as she slid herself over my back, and how incredibly horny it was to feel her as she began rubbing herself on a part of my back, I could feel her getting off, it was seriously hot.”

“Inside and outside Savannah is a beautiful gem of a woman, very unique, very beautiful, funny, with a great sense of humour, and a wickedly cheeky side. And really… just awesome.”

Punter Planet Review September 2012 by Dipper350

“Her smile is so infectious…
To gaze into her eye’s… I could easily get very lost in those eye’s…”

“Savannah certainly knows her way around the human body…
Yes and then it starts to become a blur… To many positions… A couple I have never tried before..”

“And after the two hours i was spent…
I almost did something terrible next… almost went sleep in her arms…”

Punter Planet Review August 2012 by Clandestine

“I must admit Savvy can melt me with her smile and as many already know her personality is infectious. I just enjoy my time with her and hope it is mutual.”

“Quite frankly I could have just stayed, talked and enjoyed her company for the entire time as the sex was all in her eyes and smile.”

“But her many fans will know why you just have to keep returning.”

Punter Planet Review August 2012 by – Unknown

“I won’t go into excessive sex details, they’ve been talked about a lot in her other reviews. But I will say, I had more sex in this booking than I have ever had ever.”

“Something else I really appreciated was that she was very open-minded. I was able to talk to her very freely and openly and it was very refreshing to have an open ear to talk to. She gave me very wise advice and gave me a couple ideas of things I could do.”

“One of my favourite parts though was in the morning. We both woke up around the same time and just lying there next to such an amazingly beautiful woman and looking at her and seeing her exquisite smile coming back at me… We cuddled and snuggled and kissed and touched and played and it was just a really pleasant, relaxing, amazing, calming, wonderful moment. Not to mention I could’ve sworn she looked just like Jennifer Connolly. Have I mentioned how beautiful she is yet? Well, it deserves to be said twice.”

“The time absolutely flew by and an evening with her was exactly what I needed. Using the “absolute goddess” and “out of this world” options in the template are often heavily overused, but in this instance they are absolutely apt phrases to describe our evening.”

Punter Planet Review June 2012 by Rebetis68

“The first embrace & kiss was amazing, what a way to greet someone, the warmth of her body & kiss was enough to light any room and oh how sexy she looked in those glasses.”

“Savannah thought it would be fun to watch me shower whilst she entertained herself with one of her toys. Not sure if she got more pleasure from the toy or from my expression and excitement of watching her in action.”

“Once in the bedroom it was on for young and old, DFK, DATY, amazing deepthroat, sex in all positions with an amazingly sexy and passionate woman. ”

“I was left wondering what is it with these petite gems / pocket rockets. What they lack in height they surely make up times a million in everything else…I definitely intend on seeing this amazingly sexy, passionate, beautiful, cheecky, seductive, sex bomb, pocket rocket again.. “

Punter Planet Review June 2012 by Frequent Flyer

“She is a great kisser and with her being told where my erogenous zones are she went to work! I wondered if I would ever be the same again and my temperature rose and rose and my heart began to beat faster and faster.”

“Great girl, very friendly and knows how to deliver in all the areas a man could ever ask for during a very interesting lunch break. Back at work I confess my mind did wander back to our session. I will be back to experience some more Savannah. “

Private Girls Review May 2012

“Every word on her website is spot on. Her photos are 100% real, yet don’t (and can’t) quite capture her cheekiness or give a scale of how perfectly petite she is. She is truly beautiful and her tight round bum is a glory to behold (and be held!)”

“Savannah is trying her hardest to choke on my cock. She works it masterfully for a while interrupted only by some excellent dirty talk.”

“It could be just the afterglow but it felt like we really clicked as we looked into each others eyes and chatted. Her mischievous bright green eyes may just be her secret weapon. They had been hiding behind glasses at the start and certainly sucked me in.”

“I fear that I may have been ruined for anyone else.”