Industry Mentoring

I am an expert in this industry and can assist you in maintaining relationships and friendships, coming out to family, running a successful business, creating a brand, and learning the work/life balance that is critical for success in this industry.

After years of enquiries, I am happy to pass my knowledge on to women who are looking to enter this industry. It is not for everyone. The dollar signs might seem enticing, but it will take a strong mind and body, as well as genuine enthusiasm for the work.

Perhaps you are already in the industry with friends that do not understand the unique challenges of your job, or you are a brothel worker looking into transitioning to the private world and are afraid to take the plunge? Whatever your questions might be, I am happy to offer support and guidance. Whether it is business planning, or just questions on what the job really entails please get in touch.

I offer Skype sessions by appointment; our initial session will run 1-2 hours. Subsequent appointments are also available and are up to 1-hour sessions.  Sessions require a 50% non refundable deposit, I am very flexible however cancellations on the day do forfeit your deposit.  Ladies with subscriptions are free to change dates and times.

First Appointment $350
Thereafter $200

6 Month Subscription $1100 (save $250)- We will catch up once a month to discuss ways to improve your business, how to implement these changes, and how you are feeling about them.  From session 1 to session 6, you will see a difference in your business.  We can also discuss any personal matters that arise. I have found at least 6 months of  mentoring once a month is significantly more beneficial and you can actually see a positive direction from start to finish.

12 Month Subscription $2200 (save $350)- Get year long training and advice.  This is perfect for the woman who is brand new to the industry and needs to learn the ropes on how to get started (and also learn what doesn’t work from my personal experience).  You will no doubt have a slew of questions each month and having experienced guidance by your side on a monthly basis will be help ease your nerves and assist with all business advice.  You can start a new successful career and learn what is best for you and your development.



I would like to thank you again – you gave me the confidence with the perfect guidance in the right direction to grow my business. You helped me open up a world of possibilities that I didn’t even know were possible!! I’m loving my work and life even more. I’m healthier and happier in body, mind and soul and I’m actually seeing that my dreams and financial life goals are in reach and are absolutely achievable. Thank you for being easy to approach, talk to, and caring. Thank you for listening and for your impeccable professionalism. Thank you for your humour and realism. Yay! ❤️” – experienced SW

Thank you so much for your help entering this industry that is brand new to me.  I was really scared what to expect and had every question under the sun.  I thought I would be really good at this job and really wasn’t prepared for what it really entailed.  You really helped with my questions and pointed out things that I needed to know that I would have had no idea otherwise!  You are so professional and knowledgable, can’t thank you enough.  First few months have been so much better off thanks to you! :) – new to the industry