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June 14, 2018 10:54 am 2 Comments

The past 12+ months  has see me fading away from the sexual side of escorting to more of a counselling and mentoring role full time.  This was in hopes to start a family and a new life; to enable a smooth transition going back to Uni and to embark on a new career as a sex therapist, with the hopes of also becoming a mother.

As we all know, life takes sudden twists and turns.  Things/people didn’t work out as I expected, in fact they ended up quite the opposite- and that’s ok!  I am now redirecting my focus and energy fully into Uni and getting back to full service escorting (part-time).

My passion for sexual honesty and empowerment has never waned; and my goal to one day say goodbye to Savannah and become a full time sex educator, coach, and therapist is still a priority. However, now is not the time to say goodbye to Savannah.

This year I will be finishing my GradDip in Counselling, and also closer to completing my Masters of Medicine of Sexual Health (potential phD in the horizon).  Never shy of a challenge, I am completing two degrees as once, trying to wrap up my lingerie business, slowly start my new therapy practice and fortunate for you; back to sexual escorting part-time.

As a part-time escort, I will truly value anytime spent with clients as it will not only be a break from study, but will also allow me to reimmerse myself in what I felt I was always good at, enjoyed, and potentially put on this planet to do.

I am an empath, I enjoy making people feel good, I love learning from human nature (and oh how I’ve learned), and above all I LOVE sex.  What I have experienced as Savannah is far richer than any subject I will ever take at Uni.  I vow to do my best at accomodating bookings, especially those planned in advance.  My favourite cities will also see me tour during Uni breaks and when I don’t have class.

I genuinely appreciate the constant support of my valued regulars, friends, and acquaintances within the escort community.  I also look forward to seeing those individuals and couples that missed out on seeing me!!  This pocket rocket is officially back; with more knowledge, passion, an even higher libido (hello squirting), and a more attuned sense of self that I had before I started 8 years ago.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”

(David Bowie always seems to keep me moving forward)

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