Did You Grow Up in a Naked House?

May 29, 2017 3:27 pm Leave your thoughts

Sexuality seems to be directly correlated with how comfortable we are in our own skin. I don’t know about you, but when I was a wee little child I used to run around the beach completely naked. This was normal in my house.

At a very early age I knew not to be ashamed with my body and to actually embrace it. Is this nature vs. nurture? Perhaps a bit of both; I was spawned from two loving intelligent hippies (my Mom went to Woodstock) who instilled some wonderful core values in me. My Mom always said “love conquers all” and always let me be me. Respect and honesty were also right up there, and this also relates to how I view sex and my body.

Granted I look in the mirror most days and wish one part of my body was tighter, less flab here, more muscle there.  At the end of the day I am totally confident naked. I’d happily walk around naked just about anywhere, and when someone new sees me naked I never doubt myself or wish I looked different. It seems majority of women in the sex industry also have the same naked confidence, and it’s such a beautiful empowering thing to witness.

What is really a shame is seeing children conditioned at a very early age to not be ok with their bodies. I have noticed a few ‘muggle’ friends with children whom don’t want their kids running around in a bikini, let alone naked. We should not be teaching our daughters at such a young age to cover up because someone might be looking at you.

Instilling shame under the age of 5 is only going to perpetuate a generation of adults that have no sexual self-confidence.   They will be every advertisers dream; get the dream body, take this pill to loose kilos, get this injected here, get this sucked out there.. or are we already there as a generation? Throw in the easy accessibility of porn conditioning young boys and their expectations; and when they hit their sexual peak it’ll be a recipe for a disaster. When did we become so PC that we have actually lost sight of how we are conditioning the future?

It is humbling to see the beauty of sex workers, sex educators, and the sexual enlightened to share with others how comfortable one can be naked. Freedom starts at the core, it’s not an easy road, but one worth traveling. The reward to being a bit more sexually liberated or even comfortable within yourself is monumental. And for that- I thank those whom also grew up in a naked house!

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