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September 10, 2013 8:15 pm 3 Comments

There are so many wonderful writers and advocates for the sex industry I generally take a back seat and cheer with delight.  There are some women in the industry who excel at this;  writing is not my forte, however this article about ‘prostitutes’ has gotten under my skin.  Article here:;jsessionid=75A8A3228D52028DF5CD3DA0BCD34A5B?sy=nstore&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=302&clsPage=1&docID=AGE130909UQ76H7L5Q3V

My response:

Dear Louise O’Neile,

In response to your article Sad Reality Behind Pretty Woman Tale, I am so sorry to hear your husband has left you.  The breakdown of any relationship, whether long term or short is a traumatic experience in life.  I commend you on your bravery to speak out publically and discuss your feelings.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Savannah Stone; I am an independent private escort based in Melbourne.   I will not waste either of our time arguing that having sex with married men for cash is ok.  However your article is incredibly contradictory and your bitter opinion nowhere near accurately reflects the industry I make my full time living in.

“Research tells us that most prostitutes are themselves victims. Many have been sexually abused as children. Drug addicts abound. Worst are those trafficked as sex slaves. At the heart of this billion-dollar industry, which rivals the takings in oil, arms and illegal drugs worldwide, is sexism. Women are chattels to be bought. While there are people who claim sex work is a valid career choice, I dispute the argument that these women have made a legitimate choice. Selling sexual intimacy degrades us all.”

First of all, we do not like being called prostitutes.  The politically correct term these days is Sex Worker or SW for short.  You should have taken the time and consideration to have researched this.  How many SW’s do you actually know?  I am 31 years old, University educated, graduated within the top 2% of my class, never was abused or sexually mistreated, have no addictions what so ever, lead a very clean lifestyle, have never been trafficked, and don’t have a pimp.  I am my own boss, make my own hours, director of my own company, and have used my funds to create new businesses and make smart investments.  I have never been degraded personally or professionally, and I love what I do.  My very left, open minded family whom live overseas know what I do, along with all my close friends here in Australia.  All of them support me and pass no judgement.  Please choose your opinions and words carefully when making such allegations about an industry you have no clue or experience in.  I have made a legitimate career choice and wouldn’t change a thing.

Yes, I do have sex with married men.  I also spend time with widows, handicapped men who never have touched a woman, who will never get out of bed or see the light of day.  I spend time with men who have self esteem issues and lack self confidence to speak to women.  I also work with obese men and coach them on body issues and teach them healthy eating habits and to love themselves; because we are all different and wonderful human beings.  This is a side of the industry perhaps you have never even considered; us whores are not all waiting to be saved or to find an easy way out via a man with a large bank account.

“When you have to explain that your partner is “in love” with a prostitute, the humiliation takes on another dimension.”

How dare you judge us all and inflict a negative stigma because your ex fell in love with a woman who happened to be a SW.  Love develops in the strangest situations, when you least expect it, and I suspect this is what happened with your ex.  Do not stick your nose up at all women who are ‘prostitutes’ because the love of your life fell in love with another woman when he least expected it.  If he fell in love with a black woman, Muslim, Asian, would you have then written an article explaining all of those minorities are ‘bad’?   No of course not, you would come across as a bigot.  However it’s ok to categorize all us SW’s as drug addicts who are outlets for unhappily married men?  You are continuing a hatred trend whether you realize it or not, your bitterness will be spread to other woman who will also hate SW’s because they will sympathize with your story.  They will also know nothing about the industry and now hate a large group of women.  If you are interested or have any compassion for feminism or women as a collective body you will stop advocating your hatred towards ‘prostitutes’.  We are women too, had you forgot?

I don’t take enough time to advocate for sex workers because I am extremely busy having sex with married men and earning my living.  Your article, opinion, and story are so incredibly negative I feel sorry you.  Please open your eyes and self reflect for a moment.

“You doubt yourself. Ponder what you did wrong or could have done differently.”

You should have fucked your ex more often.  That is what you should have done differently.  End of story.

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  • Hb says:

    You’re right that the original article is highly inaccurate. However, I think that WLs also over-generalise and assume that, if married men see you then it’s their wife’s fault.
    I see WLs and it’s purely selfish behaviour on my part. I can so I do. Nothing to do with my wife’s inclination or ability in the sack. Maybe it makes you feel better to believe that the guy you’re fucking is “not really cheating”, but I suggest that it’s generally untrue.

    • Savannah says:

      You are correct, and perhaps we do subconsciously assume to make ourselves feel ok? Interesting to think about..

      It really isn’t my place to assume why a man comes to see me. Every man who sees a WL has a completely different reason. There are married men who are in your similar situation, men who haven’t had sex with their wife since their 19 year old was born, and some just have something sexually they need to explore. The list goes on.

      So much moral grey area. At least you are honest with yourself.

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